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When you learn the real causes of chronic diseases, you can use Natural Molecule Therapies to easily reduce or reverse them. Here are some examples:

Type-2 Diabetes is...

Problem: When fat cells become full, surplus energy is left stranded in the blood, instead of getting into the fat cells for long term storage. When this energy is in the form of glucose, we call it type-2 diabetes.

Solution: Emptying the fat cells by losing weight can partly or fully reverse type-2 diabetes.


Hypertension is...

Problem: Obesity leads to excess insulin in the blood. This damages the inner surface of the blood vessels, which regulates the blood pressure. Damage to endothelium leads to hypertension.

Solution: Lose weight and bring the insulin levels down. Then use nutrients to heal the damagedes.


Obesity is...

Problem: More than 60 things can go wrong in the body, leading to excess weight gain. It could be anything from hypothyroid to iron deficiency. Lack of will power or exercise are not even in the top ten.

Solution: Find out the medical reason behind someone's excess weight and correct it.

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What is NMT?

We are currently authoring an eBook about Natural Molecule Therapy, how does it work, what it can do, what it cannot do, who will benefit from it, who will not, and much more.

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