Work -

  • Life is too short to be doing unexciting work
  • You can’t create something world-beating if your work doesn’t excite you.
  • Working for a hyper growth startup is like competing in an Olympic sport.
  • Other usual jobs are like a walk in the park. We choose the former.

Growth -

  • The deeper challenges you throw at your brain, the smarter it becomes
  • Being surrounded by smart people makes you smarter
  • Deliberate-reading well written books is an easy way to grow

Team -

  • (We all spend more time at work than anywhere else)
  • We should have colleagues who are our strongest support system
  • (We are in the business of building Gods)
  • We will help everyone in our team to acquire superhuman capabilities.

Ethics -

  • We don’t have to cheat to be successful
  • The world is full of decent people.
  • Unfortunately, some people do nasty things. Don’t let them make you a cynic.

Knowledge -

  • Being a first principle thinker is hard. But it is great if you can pull it off
  • Science is just a hundred years old. There is so much that we don’t know.
  • Question everything

Beauty -

  • There is so much of beauty in the world
  • It is good to be beautiful, happy or rich
  • If we don’t give the best experience to the people we love, who else will

Love -

  • There is just not enough love in the world
  • The best thing we can do to people we cross path is to love them unconditionally
  • If we cannot bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of people we meet, we are wasting their time

Abundance -

  • The world is an abundant place
  • The future always gets better
  • Humanity’s biggest problems today will evaporate into nothingness

Life -

  • One life is not enough
  • We all are going to die. But till then, we will live
  • We all are going to die. But we will delay it as much as possible

Health -

  • Healthy brains work better.
  • Healthy bodies live longer.
  • When more people in the world become more healthy, we will have exponentially more of all the above.