Growth is addictive

We are a few years ahead of Indian companies in our space. In startup land, that is huge. We think the competition that can take us out of the water will only come from abroad, particularly the US or China. Only they have the market scale to compete with an Indian company. 

When they come, they are going to be the best of the respective geographies. They will be best funded and equipped with state of the art technologies. If they are as good as we think, they will take just a few months to roll us over. The options available to us will be between sell out and run or die fighting.

This happened to great companies like FlipKart. This will happen to us too. Unless we prepare for the inevitability today, we are just dead men/women walking.

How do you prepare to face and beat the best competitor in the world? By becoming the best team in the world, of course.

How do we become the best team in the world? By each one of us becoming the best in the world at what we do.

Growth is Hard

Growth is hard and all consuming. It demands a tremendous amount of time and energy. You cannot do it unless…

  • You love the process of growing
  • You prioritise your personal growth
  • You have the required aptitude
  • You have the audacity
  • You can handle brutal stress
  • You can fail, get hurt, but still keep going

Very few of you may get excited while reading this. If this is not you, you should stop reading now. Amura is not for you.

Growth is joy

If you are one among the few who understand the joy of constant growth, then allow us to sweeten it by giving you a few more interesting perspectives:

  • As a nation, we have never done anything significant for hundreds of years. We have always followed the West, some 20 to 50 years after they showed us the way. Amura is trying change that.
  • The industry we are creating could be the next Y2K moment for Indian healthcare. The world already knows that the Indian doctors are good. We are trying to make the world discover that they are the best.
  • Indian genes are unique. So are how we live and what we eat. Sadly, we continue to use medicine developed for the West. This alone is killing Indians by the millions (e.g. many Indians become metabolically sick at a lower BMI than the Westerners). Amura is trying to commission series of original research specifically for the Indians.
  • We just told you that Indians are dying by the millions because we are using the science developed for different ethnicity. Indians make up one sixth of the global population. Imagine the plight of other ethnic groups who are much smaller in numbers (e.g. diabetic crisis in the American Samoa). Amura is trying to change it by commissioning medical research for other ethnicity from around the world.
  • If you are a doctor, you get to save live one at a time. If you are an engineer you are never that lucky. If you are a marketer, you may end up working on a job that kills people by millions (e.g. food industry). At Amura, you will get a chance to save lives by the millions.
  • Amura is building a global leadership in the longevity industry. It is a multi-trillion dollar space, most probably bigger than AI is. When you join us, you will be one of the early leaders in this space.
  • Team-Amura is the healthiest workforce you can possibly find. All our advanced medical understanding is available for free for everyone in the team and their family. Joining team-Amura will make your health bulletproof. Because health is contagious, you will go on to improve the health of your friends and family as well.
  • When you join team-Amura, you have access to beautiful blend of medical and biohacking knowledge that is better than what you can find in most places around the world (we mean it). We use it all the time to improve our own performance at work and life. This is something that you will never get elsewhere.
  • Amura as a company will bend over backwards to help you grow, as long as that growth is relevant to our road map. For every year you spend with Amura, you are likely to see 2 to 3 years worth of growth.
  • At Amura, you will have amazing mentors who have the capacity to make everything appear effortless.
  • If you are a medical professional, you will get a rare exposure into deep technological solutions. If you are a technologist, you will enjoy learning a lot about medicine in general and your own health in particular.
  • You will be surrounded by people who are striving and winning. Nothing feeds your audacity like living among people who have it.
  • Customer love, love, love what we do. To a point, we don’t even have a role to manage irate customers.
  • There is so much love in this place, it could hurt.

Offer you cannot refuse

Of all the reasons we can give you, this is the cherry on the cake:

At Amura, you must earn your crown. You are going to do all of these because you are great. Not because we are great.






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