Taking back control: Meera Jagadish

Taking back control:
Meera Jagadish



Months Duration



The Champion

Meera started as a kindergarten teacher to the Senior HR Director of one of the bluest of the blue chip companies in the world. Meera’s unique resolve, and determination that made her excel in work, helped her to get life-changing results from her Amura program.
You don't need people to motivate you, right? The results have to motivate you. And the results is not coming from somebody. It's my own results. It's my hardwork.

The Challenge

As Meera’s mother said to her, to achieve something worthwhile out of life, nothing less than her best was needed, but that came at a cost, Meera’s health. Her leaps and bounds in her career demanded certain expectations from her body, which were not properly met.

First was the migraine headaches, started during her medical transcription days. Seemingly minor inconvenience at the time.

Breathing became difficult, even to speak on the phone for a long duration. Then backaches, which when ignored turned into a lumbar disc prolapse. Leaving the bed became a chore.

When the lumbar disc prolapse was not prioritised, it turned into issues with multiple discs. Moving without support became impossible. Migraine headaches lasted for 21 straight days.

Between the migraines and immobility, she has also put on some weight, reaching 107 kg, the heaviest she had ever been.

When COVID hit her, Meera was hospitalised for two weeks.

The Amura Approach

Ann, our patron saint, knew Meera through a common friend. Ann spoke with Meera and suggested that she join the Amura program with a goal of not just losing weight, but overall health. Meera had tried several weight loss programs in the past, but she always bounced back.

So it was understandable when she began working with us, she was reluctant, and only had simple weight loss in mind . Ann however predicted that Amura would bring more into Meera’s life than just that.

A month into the program, Meera was thrilled to see the weight loss from our detox phase. For someone who was bed bound at the time, losing weight without a major physical struggle, but just simple eating was game changing.

Around the 40 day mark, something unexpected happened: Her body wasn’t hurting as bad anymore. Meera got out of her bed, walked down the stairs. Her family was lost for words. It was sudden.

After watching her health continuously deteriorate year after year, despite the best medicine money can buy, for the first time ever, they saw a meaningful change.

Meera being Meera, she went all out on implementing the Amura program remarkably well. From being the heaviest she has ever weighed, she soon became the lightest she had ever been in her adult life, and she did it all without having to exercise.

The Impact

From being completely bed bound, she has become a regular in the neighbourhood walking track.

From being stuck down with migraine once every few days, she has been largely migraine free for the last six months. Her migraine triggers were identified and understood. And this migraine treatment was done at her home.

From suffering non-stop aches and pains, Meera lives a life that is largely like the rest of us.

In just a few months, Meera changed her story for the better in an irreversible way.

You make us proud Meera.

Personally for me, Amura has not just changed my life. It has given me other life.