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With the 24x7 availability of doctors and health coaches, along with their exquisite understanding of how your body works, getting healthy has never been this easy or joyful before.
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Vandana Rangarajan - Senior Partner - IIFL Wealth

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Girish Mathrubootham

I met an amazing founder...who helped me reduce my insulin by 80%.

Girish Mathrubootham
Founder and CEO, FreshWorks

Amura team lead by Saravanan Balakrishnan is an ideal definition of Trust = competency + character.

Suresh Sambandam
Founder and CEO, Kissflow

Lost twenty kilos in 12 months thanks to discipline, diet and excercise! All readings look perfect, even weight fat percentages in single digits. Everything needs an Acharya and I had a Shrestha: @SarvananOrg @Amurahealth Tweet him now!

Gopal Srinivasan
Chairman, TVS Capital

Excess Weight
is just a symptom

People gain unhealthy weight, or feel tired and lethargic, or have non-stop food craving, when something inside their body gets out of equilibrium.

The more difficult it is for them to get back to their healthy weight, or get to feel good once again, the more factors are working against them.


Low thyroid
is just a beginning

Vandana, our champion in the video below, is a good example. She came to us for hypothyroidism. But we found out that she had Hashimoto’s. These two conditions can have confusingly similar symptoms.

Because of low thyroid, her metabolism slowed down, it made her sluggish and get heavy.

Low Thyroid

Weight gain in women can lead to three things:

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver gives dusk time fatigue in many people, they try to fix it by reaching out for sugary or salty foods. Result: Even weight gain


Whatever brings them PCOD also gives them strong carb cravings, making them gain even more weight.


Inflammation increases water retention, adding to the weight gain.

Other than this, excess fat increases the level of a hormone called estrogen. Estrogen can out-compete for the thyroid hormones, making the thyroid deficiency worse.

People may put on weight for some random reason. But once the weight crosses a threshold it turns on many inter locking engines of weight gain, making it progressively worse.

When inter-locking forces conspire to keep you unhealthy, you will need a doctor who understands your body holistically to sort out the entanglement.

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Vandana Rangarajan
is just getting started

Amura was built on a few lucky breaks. One of them was that we got to work with fantastic people like Vandana when we were still a tiny startup.

Vandana understood the power of Amura protocols, executed her program flawlessly and told everyone who asked her what an ocean of difference it made to her health and life.


When we wanted to showcase what Amura can do, Vandana was our first choice.

She is a Wonder woman who always radiates positivity and confidence, and he one who always gets the results. We all can make use of some of her boundless hope and optimism.

We enjoyed making this movie, particularly the part where she casually talks about becoming one of the top 100 business leaders in the country.

Hope you enjoy watching it and find your inspiration from it.

Is some health issue holding you back from becoming the person you are?

It is so easy when someone understand what is happening with your body, and guides you through the right steps.

Is some health issue holding you back from becoming the person you are?

It is so easy when someone understand what is happening with your body, and guides you through the right steps.

Get healthy now
Get healthy now

Has something been bothering your health, but don't know
what to do about it?