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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a struggle many women go through. We at Amura Health are here to support you, answer your queries, and guide you on how to manage and reverse your PCOS.

We are here with you, for you.

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Presence in
Pioneers in remote
healthcare for
Patients treated
Women treated for PCOS
Availability of dedicated team of doctors
Member care team
Years in remote healthcare

What can Amura Health do for you?

360° Holistic Health Assessment

The program tackles not just direct health conditions but also the resulting symptoms. Anything which can be treated by us, will be taken care off.

Root Cause Diagnosis

Discover the underlying root cause of your condition. using Amura's full-scope testing, and begin treatment of the root cause for your lasting recovery.

Customised Care

The medical protocol Amura will be assigning to you will be tailor made for your condition reversal, in this case PCOD and Hypothyroidism, and overall health recovery.

24x7 Access

Amura's round the clock health and medical services will ensure you have the support you need to undergo your given protocol.

How much is this going to cost you?

Rs 8,000/month

Amura’s Consultation and daily health coaching
Additonal budget you will need for

Rs 2,000/month


Rs 5,000/month

Notes -

- The Amura program needs to be done for a minimum period of three months

- For our doctors to understand your body, we will need a blood+urine test.

- A large part of Amura’s success comes from the nutrition protocol we will place you on. This contains common vitamins and minerals, along with amino acids, antioxidants, etc.

- Program cost, investigations and nutrition costs will vary based on the presence of other co-existing health conditions

Track your Amura program

Pick a date and see how you will progress!
1st week

Start reducing your fasting insulin.

6th week

Start regularizing your monthly cycles.

3rd month

Lose excess body fat and stabilize your monthly cycles.

6th month

Some may need 6 months or more to reverse their PCOD.