The Healthaholic

Meera Jagadish

The Healthaholic

Meera Jagadish

Health concerns addressed

Meera came to Amura to drop some excess weight without exercising. We helped her beat her pains, including RA, and get back on her feet, literally.
What does it take for someone to go from…
  • 23 years of migraines, sometimes lasting for 3 weeks at a stretch
  • Lungs so bad, even talking on the phone was stressful
  • More than a decade of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis of the knees
  • Basic movement was deemed impossible without Support
  • 107 kg in weight
  • Migraine has almost gone
  • Machine gun non-stop talking
  • Yoga and jogging 
  • Being the lightest she has ever been in decades
Answer: Six months of Amura. That was all it took for Meera to get her health back after 23 years
Making of a High Achiever

Meera married young and had her child in a year. While she thought her life was over at 21, Meera’s mother gave her the encouragement and support Meera needed. Her mother made it clear that if she wanted to achieve something out of life, she needed to put in the efforts.

Meera started her career as a kindergarten teacher, then became a medical transcriptor. For young Meera, working in a glass building that issued name tags to the employees was a big thing. She got it at Accenture. That was when someone suggested that she works in the HR.

That was the first time she even heard the term HR being used. But Meera threw herself fully into work, 12 hours a day, seven days a week. That kind of dedication eventually made her one of the notable HR professionals in the country.

Downside of hyperfocus

While Meera’s career was growing, her health was beginning to accumulate setbacks one after another.

At 23, during her medical transcription days, she started having migraine headaches.

At 28, during her Accenture days, she started having back pain due to disc prolapse, which eventually took out all the vertebrae in her lumbar region.

Eventually, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis were added to the list of health issues.

Whatever gave her all these health issues also made her put on weight. At one point, Meera weighed 107kg.

Then COVID hit her and Meera was hospitalised for a couple of weeks. When she got back home, talking on the phone had become tiresome. Just getting up from the bed was a huge challenge. Walking without support became impossible.

Meera calls it the low point in her life. She was probably not exaggerating.

Rewriting her Story

Then Amura happened.

Ann, our patron saint, knew Meera through a common friend. Ann suggested Meera got into an Amura program and recover her health.

Meera wasn’t expecting miracles. All she wanted from Amura was to bring her to a healthy weight. That Amura’s weight loss program did not need her to exercise was a big boon for someone who was mostly bed-bound.

In the past, Meera had tried several weight loss programs. But she always bounced back. When she wasn’t even sure that she would get anything more than a nominal weight loss.

In a couple of weeks into the program, Meera was thrilled that the weight loss was going to be easy. But something even more exciting was waiting for her:

Around the 5th week, it was apparent that the pain wasn’t as bad as it used to be. On the 6th weeks, Meera got out of her bed without help, and walked down the stairs all by herself.


Her family was lost for words.

They watched her health continuously deteriorate year after year, despite the best healthcare money can buy. Now, for the first time, they saw her getting better every day.

Meera being Meera, she went all out on implementing the Amura program. From being the heaviest she has ever weighed, she soon became the lightest she had ever been in her adult life, and she did it all without having to exercise.

Eventually, after reaching her weight target, Meera started yoga, walking and jogging. From being completely bed bound, she has become a regular in the neighbourhood walking track.

From being stuck down with migraine once every few days, she has been largely migraine free for the last six months. From suffering non-stop aches and pains, Meera lives a life that is largely like the rest of us.

Meera changed her life story in a few short months. Her story is such an inspiring one, you gotta watch the video 🙂

Medical Story
Like most people who come to Amura, Meera got in touch with us to lose some excess weight. After a recent COVID attack, even regular movements had become difficult. When our medical team completed her intake, we discovered many health issues. We successfully resolved everything we identified, most of them fully.
Numbers don’t lie
Body Weight
107 ➜ 73 kg
Liver injury: GGT
91 ➜ 16 U/L
High Triglycerides
408 ➜ 140 mg/dL
3.1 ➜ 0.8 uIU/mL (TSH)
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Symptoms resolved
Symptoms resolved
Mostly resolved
Symptoms resolved

This was six months ago (as of Dec 22). Meera will remain healthy as long as she is conscious of what she eats and how she lives.

She changed her story in just a few months.