Our Origin Story

Saravanan Balakrishnan, Founder & CEO

I reversed my diabetes in 2008.

Between 2008 and 2019, some 45 million people died of diabetes. They were told that diabetes is a progressive disease. While the healthcare industry took $9t from them.

The gifted genes

My dad died of a heart attack when he was 41. I was 17. My sister had to give up her education and take up dad’s job. I didn’t know it back then, but his death pushed me into depression that lasted into my early forties.

His dad, my grandfather, died at his 40. Heart attack again. My dad was 3. Their family had to leave Singapore (I hear stories that grandfather held a senior position in the British Government of Singapore), had to move back to India, and settle in a tiny hamlet near a tiny agricultural town. My grandmother gave everything she had to bring up her kids all by herself. This was pre-independence India and you can't overstate the challenges a single mother would have faced back then. Despite her efforts, unfortunately, none of them saw the inside of a college. I am sure the kids' lives would have turned out very different if they stayed back in Singapore, as children of some important honcho.

I told myself that I would not let my son to suffer the way me and my sister did after dad passed away, or the way my father and his siblings had their lives destroyed, after their father passed away quite unexpectedly.

Next two generations

So, I ate right, exercised whenever I could, never touched alcohol, never smoked, never put on weight and tested myself regularly. One of the blood tests I took when I was 36 showed me that my triglycerides were sky high (800+ as against then cut-off of 200). Back then, I didn’t know that high triglycerides in the blood was an early warning of future diabetes. The doctor who treated me me put me on statins and finofibrates to reduce my blood lipids, and the numbers came down beautifully. Everything looked fantastic.

Then, in 2007, when I went for the annual test, my fasting blood sugar was 150 and PP 250. Diabetic! As unbelievable as it may sound, I was 41, the exact age at which my dad and his dad died! I was bit pissed off that life dealt me a stinking hand but then, hey, you gotta get up and walk, right?

When I had the diagnosis for high triglyceride in 2002, the popular scientific belief was that triglyceride was not all that harmful, but LDL was (not we know that that the opposite is true). So, I didn't take it too seriously. But I knew a thing or two about the nastiness of diabetes. So, I started reading about it. To my utter dismay, I learned that high triglycerides I discovered in 2002 was an early warning to the diabetes diagnosis I got in 2007. If only I knew in 2002 that I was on my way to becoming diabetic, I could have easily cut off on my soft drinks and dodged the diabetic diagnosis of 2007. But the damage was done. It was not as if I could turn the clock. The best I could hope for was to cut out on sugar and refined carbs.

Then it got worse. In 2008, when we tested our ten year old son in preparation of a tonsillectomy, we discovered that his triglyceride was above 400! F**k!

When there is a will

We spoke to the endo who treated me for my high triglyceride. He wanted to put our baby on statins ASAP. Ann, my wife, and I believed that it would have destroyed his body and brain. We refused. Lucky for us, from the turn of the century, between Ann and I, we were reading up everything that was ever written on longevity medicine. Beating death changes everything. I found the idea endlessly fascinating. For Ann, it was all about being a better person from the inside out.

Among the physicians who were practicing longevity medicine, many were producing results that were defying wisdom of the conventional medicine. We believed somewhere out there, there is this physician who could help our baby. We saw that it was our job to find him/her.

In an international medical A4M conference meant for forward thinking physicians, held in Singapore, I eventually met experts who understood the disease. With their help, using safe nutrition, we normalized our son's triglyceride. As icing on the cake, they helped me reverse my diabetes, also using nutrition medicine, in 2008. Today, my HbA1c hovers around 5.3 and my blood pressure is usually just above 110/70. I had never taken any medication for my diabetes. Ever. I discontinued my cholesterol medication in 2008. Till today, I continue to manage my gifted genes by eating right and taking the needed nutrition.

Slacking and Cracking

Around 2012/2013, I slacked on managing my health and ended up becoming diabetic again. By then, fortunately, my understanding of diabetes reversal has become much more sophisticated.

In 2013, I reversed my diabetes once again. This time, it took just 6 days!

Diabetes reversal in 6 days

Here is some perspective for you

Worldwide, 4m people die every year due to poor blood sugar control. Another 18m people die annually due to heart attack and stroke (most of the cardiovascular diseases are just a close cousin of diabetes). This is like one 9/11 every hour, non-stop, day and night, 24×7. Between 2008 when I reversed my diabetes and 2019, 250m people died of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. All these dead people were wrongly told that diabetes was a progressive disease. While the healthcare industry took $9t (₹7Cr.Cr) from them.

Even today, people are dying and most of these deaths are horrible, one-body-part-at-a-time variety. All along, the science for reversing many chronic diseases, including diabetes, has been sitting out there, proven and peer reviewed, for decades. These deaths can be fully averted. Among them are your parents, your dear friends, your peers, your spouse and may be even you.

The sooner this stops, the better.

Reverse + Disease = Reverease

I brought together some of the experts who helped me to reverse my diabetes and formed a healthcare enterprise called Reverease (stands for “Reverse a Chronic Disease”). By 2019, these experts can now reverse many more chronic diseases, not just diabetes.

Reverease will bring the Natural Molecule Therapies (NMTs) to the mass-market so that its life saving medical science reaches as many people as possible. I believe that we can

  1. Reduce the cost of chronic diseases by 10x
  2. Extend the life expectancy by 10 years
  3. Introducing this revolutionary science to at least 90% of the human population
  4. Change the healthcare business model in a fundamental way (more about this later)

I believe that developing countries have pivotal role to play in the coming healthcare revolution. Our medical systems are nimble and they are directly self-funded by the patients. Besides, if we waited for the West to come and rescue us, by the time it happens, tens of millions of lives would have evaportated out of existance.

What about you?

I never expected to live a life of any significance. Visions of my ideal life always consisted of me curling up with a book, with Ann sleeping next to me. But now that I know that Reverease can save millions of human years, my life has changed. Reverease has been the last thing I think about when I go to bed. And the first thing I think when I wake up. After all, the faster Reverease moves, more people will dodge a bullet.

This is a giant challenge. The more hands I have on the deck, the better.

So, reader, unless your name is Batman (or Batwoman), and you are already busy saving lives, why don't you go to our contact page and tell us how you can join hands to save some lives?

What are you waiting for?