Epiphany that gave birth to Amura

I mentioned this as part of Amura Origin Story. Here is the drill down.

I had a bad case of typhoid in 2017. It was bad because I was diagnosed for both malaria and typhoid at the same time by a brilliant doctor, even though the lab tests were inclusive. His right call saved me a lots of trouble.

Any pathogen, including the bacteria that causes typhoid, or COVID virus, never leaves the body. It lurks in the shadows as long as the immune system keep them under control. When the immune is down, even temporarily, the pathogens often break out of the prison. This is what seems to be happening with “turbo cancer” (a form of virulent caner that many people face after COVID vaccination booster shots; they seem to temporarily overwhelm the immune system)

Some lurking pathogens may not be that benign. They could cause cancer, autoimmune, destruction of joints, excess weight gain, mental health disorders, etc.

I was bed bound for more than a week and decided to figure out what damage these typhoid pathogens are going to do to my body on the long run: They have a tendency to hide in the gall bladder and eventually lead to cancer. This is not very common. But it happens.

Gall bladder is a tricky place. There is no through-and -through flow of things through this organ. Bile goes in and comes out through the same entrance. This is like a dead end street. Since the bile content is produced by the liver, and one of the liver’s jobs is to break down the antibiotics and flush them out of the body, it is very difficult to send antibiotics to kill the bacteria hiding in the gall bladder. I had to figure something else.

I started reading some books on microbiome (starting with 10% human; this book is slightly outdated by now as the field is evolving rapidly). Microbiome is a word used to represent the collection of microbes live in/on our body. What I learned was eye opening.

  • Antibiotic overuse could kill the bacterial population in your gut, leading to many health complications
  • I was on a long course of antibiotics when I was a kid. It probably saved my life. But it gave me lifelong candida over growth.
  • Which in turn gave me explainable bouts of depression all through my life. How do you fix it? Intelligent use of diet, pre-biotics and pro-biotics (unfamiliar concepts back then).

With oodles of time in my hand, I wrote what I learned in a personal blog I have. The topic was “antibiotic will become the medicine for the 21 century diseases“.

Then I wrote about how antibiotic overuse is killing us.

I had even more time to kill: Wrote about acid blocker overkill.

By then I was feeling frustrated about how the standard-care just doesn’t care. How it people in the harm’s way because it is not updating itself.

That lead me to think how I could reverse my diabetes 15 years prior to that point and since then, some 60 million people died of diabetes all over the world. None of them were told that diabetes was reversable. So, wrote something about end of type-2 diabetes.

Then about end of Alzheimer’s (this was in 2017; things have gotten even more promising today (2024))

Then wrote a post about the beginning of the end of cancer.

I had read about all these in various medical literature or heard about them in medical conferences over the previous two decades. I was telling every one of my doctor friends about how they should take a look into all this stuff that are not being taught in their med schools.

None of them took it seriously. I don’t blame them. I am not a qualified medical or life science professional. They get kooks like this n their offices every other day, claiming that water could cure cancer. But the point is, they shouldn’t need an engineer to tell them about it. These are not some alternative medicine. These are stuff being printed in medical books and spoken in medical conference.

In 2017, I was looking for starting something new.

Then the epiphany hit on me: I have known of lifesaving medical science for the several decades that the standard care didn’t bother to look into. They are unlikely to change that for several more years to come.

What am I waiting for? For someone to send me an invitation?

So I roped in Dr Godwin, and Yashwant, my co-founders, and started Amura.

Today, I am not standing on the sidelines, wringing my hands about how the standard doesn’t care.

Jeff Bezos said “your profit is my opportunity”. Well, I say “your loss is my opportunity!”

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