Weight loss misgivings: Seeing is real

We’ve been watching what happens when our patients try different ways to lose weight. You like it or not, here’s what we are finding:

  1. Losing Fat Helps Beat Metabolic Syndrome: Doesn’t matter what diet you’re on. Losing fat seems to fix metabolic syndrome.
  2. Thin People Can Have Metabolic Syndrome Too: Even some skinny people have this problem. Losing fat helps most of them to reverse their metabolic syndrome.
  3. Any Diet Works If You Lose Fat: People think plant-based diets have some magic when it comes to reversing the metabolic syndrome. Not true. Even when you excess fat on an on-meal diet, you can still reversing your metabolic syndrome.
  4. Lentils and Vegetarians: A lot of our vegetarians get inflamed and heavy from eating lentils.
  5. Meat and Overweight Non-Vegetarians: Some of our overweight patients who eat meat are inflamed by it. They lose fat faster when they stop eating meat.
  6. Animal Food and Insulin: Some say eating meat and animal food blocks the insulin receptors in your body. That’s not true.
  7. Meat Eaters and Insulin: Even though diets like paleo and keto say eat meat for low insulin, beef actually might make your insulin go up more than some veggies.
  8. Very Low Calorie Diets are Easier to Stick To: It’s easier to keep to a diet that’s only a third of your BMR.
  9. Cheat Meals Don’t Help: Eating cheat meals actually makes it harder to lose weight.
  10. Exercise is not Important for Weight Loss: When you eat less you exercise less; or not at all. If you haven’t been exercising before, then you are better off not to start it suddenly now. Even if you do, keep it light.
  11. Lower BMR Can Be Good: A lower BMR (the energy your body uses at rest) might actually help you live longer.

We’re still looking into all of this and plan to publish our findings later this year. Stay tuned!

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