Rheumatoid Arthritis can be fully reversed

RA can be the combination of: Poor circulation, oxygenation or debris clearance, excess inflammation, deficiency of digestive enzymes, neurotransmitters or hormones, food intolerance.

Identifying each of these conditions and fixing them will reduce or reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis. We at Amura help you in reversing RA.

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Myths vs Facts

Yes, there are severe side effects to RA treatment. But that is a necessary evil.

Most of the patients with RA can get full remission from their disease with no side effects.

Rhuematoid Arthritis is a progressive disease. It can be slowed down. But not stopped or reversed.

Every case of early stage RA and most cases of-mid stage RA can get complete remission. Even if the disease is in its advanced stage, partial remission is a certainty.

Only thing that can be done for an RA patient is to manage their pain.

Most cases of RA can be fully reversed.

The correct course of treatment for RA is to start the patient on pain killers, progress to steroids, then to biologics, etc.

Standard-care only deals with symptoms. So, it uses all kind of drugs to make the symptom of pain go away. However, when we work on the underlying causes of the disease, there is no need to keep escalating the management protocol.

What Amura is all about...

At Amura, you can discover a healthy way of living that is made just for you. Getting to a healthy weight is just a part of it. (Add content specific to the disease here assuring reversal is possible with Amura program)

How it works?

Amura can help you get healthy and stay healthy in a way that has not been possible before.

Assign a care team

  • Medical doctors trained in Amura’s NMT Protocol
  • Health coaches with 5 or more years of life science education

Understand your current health

  • In depth lab assessment
  • Detailed medical interview

Determine the course of action

  • Machine assisted diagnosis
  • Multi-step Implementation process

Design your Amura protocol

  • Design your diet protocol
  • Design your nutrition protocol

Help you with a flawless execution

Track progress everyday
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How much does it cost? You will need to be with us for a minimum of 3 months. Based on your health condition, your time and cost budget can go up.

₹ 8,000/Month

For Amura’s medical consultation and
daily health coaching
Additional Budget you will need

₹ 5,000/Month

For nutraceuticals

₹ 3,000/Month

For investigations

Does it work for everyone?

Severe restriction in mobility

In cases where the mobility is completely restricted, we might help you make it better but chances are we might not be able to reverse it completely.

Rheumatoid arthritis with complication

If you already have tissue damage because of the condition like eroded cartilage, trigger finger, etc. we might not be able to reverse it completely.

Physiological damages/changes

Amura's programs work by optimizing the nutrition and hormone balance in the body. Certain diseases with their origin in damage to an organ, or because of a way that they are built, may only have partial response, if at all.

Edge Cases

With every health condition, there are always a tiny fraction of edge-cases that don't respond. The day medicine can guarantee its results will be the day we could defy death. Till then, we need to be aware that we are dealing with a science that is still far from completion.

Advanced stage of Disease

If the disease is in an advanced stage, Amura's program can only get you a partial remission, at best.

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Your Reversal Timeline

Choose a Date and Visualize Your Journey to Rheumatoid Arthritis Reversal
1st week

Start seeing reduction in RA pain.

6th week

Start seeing recovery of joint tissue.

3rd month

Come off most of your RA medication.

6th month

Some may need 6 months or more. And some may get only partial remission.

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About Amura Programs

We will help you to identify the food items that cause you harm and remove them from your diet. We will identify your nutritional deficiencies and add them. With that, your hypertension will start reversing.

About Rheumatoid Arthritis reversal

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