Type-2 Diabetes
now has a new story

Big part of type-2 diabetes reversal is just weight-loss.

  • Weight-loss lowers the demand for insulin. If you have some reserves in your pancreas, your body can manage the blood sugar by itself.
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A right way of looking at

Why do you get Type-2 Diabetes


Many things can go out of balance in your body, leading to weight gain. Excess weight fills up your fat cells.

When the fat cells fill up, excess fuel in your next meal has nowhere to go. Some of it is left stranded in the blood.

When the excess glucose is stranded in the blood because cells cannot take anymore of it, we call it type-2 diabetes.

They changed their stories
in a few short months


Hema Subramanian

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Megha Chandrashekar

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Health is the
New Luxury

Good health makes everything about your life better

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Here is the Amura way to

Reversing Type-2 Diabetes

Many things that you you were told about Type-2 Diabetes may be keeping sick

Complete health for the A.I. age Body


What will you get?

Medical doctors trained in Amura’s NMT Protocol

Health coaches with 5 or more years of life science education

your time

Find out how many months will you need to reach your weight goal


On an Amura program, you may need about 3 months to come to your target weight.

This is only an approximation. You may reach your target a bit sooner or later

How Much
Does It Cost?

You will need to be with us for a minimum of 3 months. Based on your health requirement, you may be required to spend more time on the program.

₹ 8,000/Month

For every day health management with Amura doctors and health coaches

Additional Budget you will need?

₹ 5,000/Month

For Nutraceuticals

₹ 3,000/Month

For Investigations

The cost of nutraceuticals and investigations could go up based on your health requirements.
Amura can help you get healthy and stay healthy in a way that has not been possible before.

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Amura can help you get healthy and stay healthy in a way that has not been possible before this.

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Even More

About Amura Program

We will help you to identify the food items that cause you harm and remove them from your diet. We will identify your nutritional deficiencies and add them. With that, your hypertension will start reversing.

About Type-2 Diabetes reversal

If your pancreas has sufficient insulin producing capacity, you can completely reverse your Type-2 diabetes.

As a rule of thumb, if you have been diabetic for 5 years or less, your pancreas must still be intact. And if you have been diabetic for more than 20 years, your pancreas must be inadequate to support a complete recovery. For someone in between, the health of your pancreas will be depend on various things, including how well you had been managing your diabetes.

Groups of people for whom this program will not work

Medical science hasn't come to a point where everyone gets guaranteed results. While this program works for a vast majority, there are always a small subset of people for whom this may only be partially effective, or not at all.


If you have type-1 diabetes, your pancreas is damaged. This type-2 diabetes reversal this program won't work for you.

Check out our Type-1 diabetes program. It can help you reduce your HbA1c and the insulin dosing.

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Weight loss is not a rock science, It is more difficult than that

- Randall Munroe